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TAGAYTAY Escapade!

Just to have some break from our busy scheds on work, we decided to go to Tagaytay and breathe fresh air! :) lol went there Saturday morning, had our breakfast at the Bulalo Point Tagaytay. :)

Hot bulalo from Bulalo Point, Tagaytay City :)

Far view of Taal Volcano

World’s smallest volcano, Taal Volcano :)


Souvenir store!

With matching live music while you are eating! amazing! lol


Not-so-oh-windy :)


Dinner at Yellow Cab with the gang :)


Alright :) late post again. haha. birthday treat for Mimi and yours truly from our boss :) Team Marketing lunch at Burgoo Robinson’s Galle :) so full! YUM! and what i love in Burgoo? i can vandalize :) haha

Late post: Oh-so-adorable birthday presents!

I admit i am a fangirl. YES ever since i was a kid, i’m a fan girl. haha so now, i still have that “blood” and i don’t care. i make friends coz of being a fan girl. And being part of the "Koala Dance Bots" (Chachi Gonzales’ supporters) is just ‘awesome’! i made a lot of friends, met some, talked to some but definitely found new buddies that really became part of my life. :) This is my first time to receive gifts from people whom i never met in my entire life! like for real. Sheena and Kakai: i met them online (via twitter) Got to know them a little better and i’m just thankful that God gave them to me. (whatever the reason is) lol. So my birthday came and i didn’t expect that they will send me gifts like, oh? :) 

think pink from Kai haha :)

a cute metal can with a macaroon inside! personally baked by Kai! aww :) a letter written in a 1/2 manila paper, with font size of 12, lol and it was inside of an envelope full of sequins! :) EFFORT! :) lol annnnddd wrapped in a pink gift wrapper! and oh, minnie mouse was there! :)

Because my birthday is on October 31! so yeah, Happy Halloween too! lol. a cute not-so-long letter from Sheena :) i’m a witch maybe? lol

One of my favorite hobby

Random stuff


In the middle (Alabat Island, Quezon)



Heaven on Earth Beach Resort in Perez, Quezon

Canigao Island Matalom, Leyte

This is so 2000 and late post. But i still want to share this experience to you guys! :) So we had a family reunion in Leyte last 2011 and got to meet a looooooot of not-so-near relatives. Had a great time with them and definitely new experiences for me. This island that we visited is too far from our place so we had to travel for like 3 hours (without traffic) and take a boat (with high and strong waves that time) just to reach the island. It’s like an isolated island in Matalom, Leyte but it’s local government is trying to develop it just like Boracay Islands. Isolated like, yes! Only one island in the middle of the sea (pacific) when we reached the island, i have seen a lot of visitors who probably knew about the island. Well, the water on the other side of the island is “kantilado” means “cliff”. It’s a little bit dangerous in some part of the island but still, one of the best-est place in Visayas region (Philippines)

Just like Boracay Island, they have their own WHITE SAND :)


long way to goooo!


and a weird weird sea plant. lol

The Outer Space Experience!

I.aM.Me was the ABDC Season 6 Champs and luckily, Philippines was one of the place they’ve visited when they had their tour last 2012. But unfortunately, i wasn’t able to attend any of their workshops. I just had a chance to see them when i was having my field work when they were at the mall for the tour. Then one of their member and their main choreographer, Di Moon Zhang had his FLM Asia Tour and i got excited when i knew about it. I reserved early so i could attend the workshop. So happy that i became part of the workshop. Moon is so humble and really really really great! :) Hoping to meet all the IaMmE members SOON, maybe when i get a chance to visit in LA (lol) dreams :)

I’m the girl wearing blue shirt, green jersey shorts and pink kicks :) Hi Moon!


Me so chubs lol got to attend his two-day workshop! hugged him 6 times and talked to him for 5mins! lol


Late post: Baguio Escapade

Actually it’s my first time in Baguio :) lol after 22 years! :) due to time constraints because of our work, we didn’t had a chance to roam around all  the best spots there but definitely we’ll do it next time! :)

The view from SM City Baguio :)

Lunch at Adobo Connection at SM Baguio :)

Burnham Park

In front of City Travel Hotel

View at the top of Minesview Park :)

At the entrance of Good Shepherd. You can buy all the “pasalubongs” and special delicacies from Baguio :) 

Me, emoting at Minesview Park :)

Boating at Burnham Park ! :) lol this was my best experience in Baguio haha :) i thought that time, boating was easy but nooooooo!! O.O

Chill time in Latino Bar :)

Let’s sing it! :) Yes! Videoke but in with a band set up! So you can really feel that you’re a legit singer haha :) Good thing we went at the bar early so we’re the only customers eating that time :)

Dancing at the corner of Burnham Park streets! :)

Passed by at Teacher’s Camp. YAY! awooooo!

POSE! Resting with the gang! :) at City Travel Hotel

Was practicing my dance for my Chachi Gonzales’ Thought of You Cover! :) lol wanna watch? click here!

Just got excited for the next summer getaway! :)